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Credit Cards Continue To Screw Us All

It's what I've been saying for freaking years and years and years. I guess there was nothing to do about it, but finally somebody has caught on...

Fucking fucking pisses me off that we are in this situation. I guess it's easy enough for credit card companies to hide the fact that they're charging 34.99% interest by just not charging anyone who knows a politician and screwing over the other 300 million Americans huh? And McCain wanted to do the same crap to insurance companies? It's the one thing that terrifies me about Biden (since he's from Credit Card central Delaware) over all the great stuff I think he might bring...

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Unfortunately the government and all the representatives selected and hypnotized by the big money they need to win campaigns like the banking industry, who says "We can regulate ourselves!" and "By the way, here are the laws we want you to pass. Don't worry, all well be well." Enough is enough!!! It's time that we beat them down with sticks and with publicly financed elections. The public must buy back their representatives with Fair Elections and Clean Money Campaign Financing. This is the first step in stopping the corruption of our entire political system... We need politicians who aren't spending 60% of their time dialing for rich donor dollars and fundraising. We need our politicians to be spending their time focusing on the right solutions for the problems and not focusing on what votes must they abstain from...

In the meanwhile all we can do is play the game. Play the credit card companies by being one step ahead. Knowing the rules, and never getting caught without a spare 0% application lying around. Transfer, transfer, transfer, and never let them take a fee or a single percent over 10 on anything ever. It can be done but it means buyer beware, it means look out for yourself, it means everybody on the planet must waste time making sure they're not getting screwed by credit card companies reading their horrendous "update" fine print and extra garbage... Instead of being productive, spending time, with our families, relaxing, we must be watching our backs just ready to be gouged out with a jack-hammer from the US Backed and US Bailed Out Institutions we are supposed to be able to trust...

I say... If they can take down the country, they need to be regulated. Well these guys can take down the country. It's regulation time. Loan sharking is a business for scum, not for Bailed Out US Businesses.

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The Constitution, Toilets, and Clean Money

America has done so well over the years becasuse we have always moved toward the empowerment of the many and away from the selfishness of the few.  Therein lies our economic bounty. 

Many amendments to the constitution have focused on this.  Almost 25% of our constitutional amendments deal with voting and voting rights of people.  Creating a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people has been a consistent vision as our definition of "people" continues to expand. 

The monster grows strong again today and we must again rise to sever another of its many tentacles.  Disenfranchising citizens through the use of campaign money influence is our next battle.  And we're ready to win.

The status quo:  The People are constitutionally able to vote, but due to the influence of the titanic proportions of money needed to run campaigns, the People's participation in elections has become far from "causal".  Voters vote, but they don't "cause" the changes they were expecting.

We are told things and we learn things, we vote based upon what we know, and we expect a certain outcome from those votes.  When those we elect don't do what we expect, we become disconnected.  We feel detached, disenfranchised, and that is the reality of the current system.   

Here's my toilet analogy.  When you pull the chain on a toilet to flush it, but the toilet seems to flush randomly, you give up in believing that the chain has anything to do with flushing, and you might ask yourself, "who IS flushing my toilet?"  "Or , who is MY toilet beholden to?"  When your toilet doesn't flush for you, it's not "causal", there is no system of control. 

When we vote and our politicians seem driven by a force unrelated to their campaign promises, we learn that we have no control mechanism to allow us to make corrective action, we have no valid feedback or information to explain why or how these politicians do what they do or how choosing makes any difference.  Voting becomes an appendix of the body electorate, it used to do something but now seems disconnected with carrying out the will of the voter. Logically, voter apathy is not the disease, but the symptom.

To continue our pursuit of creating a government based upon the constitution we must continue to fight to have CONSTITUENTS be the primary flushing mechanism and not the private, corporate, and special interest campaign cash sources of the current system.  We must fight so that if politicians don't do what they say they came to do, they get flushed.

There is a solution that works for politicians and works for the people, freeing even the perception that politicians are bought:  Publicly Funded Election Campaigns.  It would cost only $6 a person per year.

The Clean Money, Clean Elections Act (HR 3099), introduced by Reps. John Tierney (D-MA) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), goes farther than any campaign reform proposal currently on the table in Washington, DC. It would bring a proven system of campaign finance reform to the federal level, freeing politicians from the burdens of constant fundraising and helping to restore the people's faith in our elected officials.

It's time to bring back the power of citizens to elect representatives not bought and paid for by special interest lobbyists and big-money donors.

I urge you to support this critical piece of legislation.

Shafted by Portland Tribune

I feel betrayed. 

Not only was I misled by the Portland Tribune into believing that the city has a potentially "flawed" Clean Money law, but I was then misquoted in such a manner that it made me sound like I was agreeing!

When I wrote a letter to the editor I was clear that it IF the law was flawed that it should be fixed.  I didn't say "it appears the law is flawed" as they had me say. 

Shame on the Portland Tribune.  I was once a regular reader (when it came to Clean Money) thinking that while they had a slant against Clean Money they wouldn't let their agenda overrule decent reporting or give way to editorial misrepresentation.

I will not be reading the Portland Tribune anymore since it is now not a newspaper to me an least but another fictional source that can't be trusted to provide actual information.

Clean Money Logo

In Arizona and Maine and now Connecticut, Portland, and Albequerque, many politicians wouldn't have a single "Logo" behind their except the Clean Money logo/badge because they can qualify and run as Clean Money Candidates who take a fixed amount of Public Funds and run a competitive race.

The Clean Money candidate is beholden only to the public, not special interests or corporate money. It's been working in Arizona and Maine for years now and the effect has been dramatic. More voters, more contested races... and legislators who focus on policies, not on campaigning. 80% of Maine's legislature took no money from anybody including themselves. Who's interest are they looking after now?

Disclosure is great, but as another poster noted, it doesn't get rid of corruption, nor does it level the playing field as Publicly Funded Campaigns would. Also with disclosures, you'd start seeing "American Progressive Traditionalists Liberty Foundationalismists for So-and-so" consortium logos showing up, not "Exxon" or "Glaxo"... Disclosure is easy to obfuscate... Clean candidates aren't.

California has a bill in the SENATE RIGHT NOW!!! Please sign California's Petition here:

There's also a Federal petition going around here:

Go to to see about your state...

Logos might sound fun and might someday happen if it weren't for MSM's grip. But Clean Money is a reality that needs to grow and become yet another pillar of our Democracy!


James Bennett Saxon

I agree that we should assume that the other "side" has valid rational points. Going around saying "they" are evil or crazy gets us nowhere but polarized... It's equivalent to saying "Why won't God just go away?" And as we know, this attitude leads to power struggles, not policy struggles.

Digging a little deeper, there is a question of our beliefs meeting askew with theirs. In a bigger picture example, we've got the "us and them" (Democracians) *versus* the *real* "them" (Islamic Fundamentalites). While we agree in gravity the orbit of the earth around the sun, we believe suicide martyrdom is wrong, and they apparently don't. Closer to home, many believe that religion is intertwined with existence and more that our government is founded on religious principles. So the question for me has been for a long time: while as a individuals and groups we've got these dangling differences between us and them, are there broad areas of commonality where the compromise actually meshes with those aspects not on the playing field (for all sides considered)? Or, as we reach towards the nuts and bolts of compromise, do the areas of commonality slip quietly away one by one, back to their corners, where the more inclusive you try to become, the less common ground is left? In other words, compromise IS compromise and if you don't believe in compromise, you don't fit this puzzle. Maybe most Americans believe in compromise in some areas but if you go bigger?

What I'm saying is that I agree for the good of all, we should compromise, work together, and try to be inclusive and fair. I'm willing to fight and sacrifice for it, but I'm not willing to die for it. And every single one of these phrases is probably at opposite somebody else on the planet and it's not a fact that they have zero sense. Nor is it clear that all the edumacation nor knowledge in the world will change their beliefs... We've got Yale graduate Islamic terrorists out there don't we? We've got milllions of people who believe in "intelligent design".

In other words, the fact that we are at odds with others, and that no matter how much time goes by we still agree that they have valid beliefs, means that our solutions will always be a tug-o-war...

But let's keep tugging, because our way is better anyways! And who knows, maybe like the US being an enormous country with no civil wars (recently) brought about by interdependance and infrastructure and technology, perhaps we can at least compartmentalize and isolate the things that humans (in general) believe are "counter-productive" or "evil", throughout the world! Long live the UN!

Level Playing Field?


There may be some small subtle points about companies having advantages over others in the same arena, thus a playing field unlevel.

But sadly, those points are lost under false analogies (Tiger Woods is NOT part of the "playing field" he is the player.) and overreaching extrapolations (a level playing field means socialism???)

It makes sense to discuss the realities of business, fine, but don't start saying that trying to strive for "fairness" for businesses leads to speaking French and economic stagnancy.

It's worth noting that this country once had no limits on work weeks, then a 60, now a 40. I would argue, that having a complete life has increased our productivity and also increased the amount of consumption opportunities thus driving the economy not killing it! How is that not bad for the economy when MORE people are working and there's more time for everybody to buy goodies?

Nice Job...

Dear Kellogg's

I don't understand this packaging at all.

I looked at the Nutrition for both types of Frosted Flakes.

Regular says: 114 calories
1/3 Less Sugar says: 120 calories.


Firstly, WHY would serving sizes of the same exact food be different. This is absolutely misleading!

Secondly, if you do the math you get the following:

Regular: 152 CALORIES PER CUP.
1/3 Less Sugar: 96 CALORIES PER CUP.

Please explain this to me. HOW IS THAT NOT REDUCED CALORIES??? IT's 30% fewer CALORIES PER CUP!!!!

Your packaging and misleading information are unacceptable, and I think you need to be STRAIGHT AND CLEAR with your consumers.

Thanks much,


James Bennet Saxon
Calorie Conscious Gue

With the Abramoff scandal fresh in our minds, it seems that our nation's "Corruption Alert" level is RED! People have little trust in our government officials at the federal, state, city, and even the school board levels!

As our nation has evolved, many efforts have been made to combat corruption, but we seem to have reached a limit. Current reform methods are having little, or negative effect. Consider McCain Feingold, shifting deck-chairs on the Titanic perhaps? We simply can't continue to focus all our energies divided up on the 1000s of faulty products and policies our representatives create. Nor can we attempt to prevent all those special interests and corporations from piling money onto campaigns one way or another.

Instead of focusing on those trying to influence the legislators, we need to work directly on the legislators and restore our faith in them. A major advance is called for, a sweeping reform that restructures the current messy corruptive system. This kind of reform exists and is working. It allows the right kind of money to find a way. If we supplant special interest money and give "Clean Money" to our legislators instead.

In Arizona and Maine, they have a Clean Money system of public financing of elections. It's called "clean" because the money touches no special interest hands, it's clean, anonymous money.

The result? An significant increase in the trust of their government. In Arizona, they've had a 20% increase in voter turnout. In Maine, they recently passed Universal Health Care right over the heads of deep pocket lobbyists who have kept the issue at bay for 20 years. In Arizona and Maine, incumbencies are more often challenged and bi-partisan efforts thrive, budgets are balanced financially and legislatively. In the cities of Portland and Albuquerque, Clean Money laws have recently been adopted with broad support from the public.

In California, Assembly Bill 583 (The Clean Money, Fair Elections Act) looks destined to have it's day on the floor of the State Assembly before the end of January. It passed the Elections Committee and has many co-authors on the Appropriations Committee where it faces a hearing and a vote on Wednesday January 18th most likely. After that it goes to the floor. This is the first stage of making it a law that could make California the fourth state in the nation to enact Clean Money laws (Connecticut just passed such legislation with a Republican Governor and a Democratic state congress).

If you have waited to join the growing body of Clean Money supporters, now is the time to make your move. With calls, letters, and faxes to our legislators and also newspapers, we just may be able to get this bill on the Governor's desk by September! With your support right now, it can pass the Assembly!

Take the couple minutes right now to sign the Clean Money support petition and then to send the message to your representatives: The site has an easy tool to help you quickly compose a unique and convincing letter.

For a thorough list of supporters and details about the bill, including its progress over the years, check out

A big state like California implementing Clean Elections will create a resonance the world over, that elections CAN BE publicly funded and that every single politician in the world does not have to "dial for dollars" and owe favors in order to win. California legislators can send the message that they are ready to shed the weight of special interests and do in Sacramento what they intended on doing when they entered politics, create solid policies good for Californians. As supporting Assemblymember Lloyd Levine said, "I didn't get into politics to raise money." Let our lawmakers know that you support them taking this leap to Clean Money:

Basic Clean Money Request to Assemblyperson

Honorable Assemblymember,

Congratulations on your election and on the opportunity you have.

I'm writing you as a preface to arranging an office visit so that a group of volunteers can talk with you and your staff about the
importance of getting Clean Money into politics.

Assembly Bill 583 (Hancock) could bring full public financing of elections to California. It would set California up as a leader in

Clean Money provides 100% financing for candidates to run for office so they can spend 100% of their time focusing on the voters and
not on fundraising. Clean Money protects Clean Candidates providing matching funds when campaign spending limits are blown. It
allows for competitive races.

A.B. 583 will be coming before the Elections Committee in January and hopefully the Appropriations Committee too. I think your
co-authoring of it would be the right thing to do for you and your constituents.

You may know that in LA City Council, Eric Garcetti, Bill Rosendahl and Wendy Greuel are pusing for Clean Money in Los Angeles.
Portland and Albequerque have Clean Money. So do Maine and Arizona.

The propositions have all failed, missing their mark with voters. Perhaps, if legislators were unburdened from the relentless
demands and phone calls of lobbyists, they would have been able to solve some of California's big problems already and avoid this
special election. Clean Money helps politicians focus on their constituents and on policy. It frees you up to do what you signed
up to do, make great laws.

I've learned a great deal about Clean Money as a volunteer and I look forward to meeting you and providing any assistance to help
answer your questions so that you can see what I see in it. There's much more to say.

I'll call the office soon. The California Clean Money Campaign is a great place to learn a whole lot and watch an excellent

Thanks very much, and again, congratulations!



James Saxon

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